About the Dutchess County Young Democrats


The Dutchess County Young Democrats was established to promote the interests of Young Democrats in the County of Dutchess, State of New York, who wish…

  • to stimulate and perpetuate the interest of young persons in governmental and community affairs,
  • to promote political awareness and the involvement of young persons in the political process,
  • to educate young voters and persons who will become eligible to vote,
  • to advocate those policies and practices consistent with the highest principles of the Democratic Party,
  • to support those candidates for office who articulate such principles and to foster and perpetuate the ideals of justice and social welfare,
  • to exercise our rights to participate in the electoral process,
  • and to strive to encourage the participation and involvement of all members of this county.

Board Members

The Dutchess County Young Democrats is made up of passionate, progressives who are eagerly working to give voice to the issues that matter most to young voters in the region.

Ethan Pine


Cammie Jones

Interim Vice President

Vinnie Pedi


Andrew Mendez-Spera

Communications Director

Soumaya Kamada

Recording Secretary


Political Director


Director of Fundraising

Royal Parker

LGBTQIA+ Caucus Chair

Philip Ouma

High School Caucus Chair


Women's Caucus Chair


People of Color Caucus Chair


College Caucus Chair

Join Our Board

Interested in joining the Dutchess County Young Democrats Executive Board or Caucuses? Submit a letter of interest and resume.