Statement on Lee Zeldin & Marc Molinaro Fundraiser in Poughkeepsie, NY

Lee Zeldin & Marc Molinaro Statement

POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK – JULY 14, 2021 –Dutchess County Young Democrats President, Ethan Pine, joined Hudson Valley Strong Indivisible and members of the community to peacefully protest the lavish fundraiser GOP gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin and Dutchess County Executive, Marcus Molinaro, held in the City of Poughkeepsie.

“We are here, arm and arm with Hudson Valley Strong Indivisible, exercising our right to peacefully protest because there is a great injustice campaigning around the great State of New York. We are protesting the illegitimate candidacy of Lee Zeldin whose only “achievement” was voting against the Marriage Equality Act during his tenure in the State Senate and misrepresenting the people of Long Island in Washington D.C by objecting to the certification of the presidential election.

We are protesting our ineffective County Executive who consistently hoodwinks the people of Dutchess County with a smile, most recently by giving Dutchess Stadium, a place that we the taxpayers have to pay to even enter, the majority of the much needed ARP funding while broadband infrastructure and investment in community projects were stifled.

The illicitly deceptive GOP County Legislators who disenfranchise voters by disbanding and dissolving an approved Independent Redistricting Commission because they were unsatisfied with the composition of the commission and the ability of people outside their own party to work for the people.

Most importantly, we are here to protest the insurrectionist party that has sworn its fealty towards one man rather than the will of an entire nation, dropping their already low standards on candidates that perpetuate conspiracy theories and half-baked ideals. Our collective voices, vision, and morals oppose their far-right ideologies and are worth far more than any fundraiser they decide to have. These individuals are too extreme for Dutchess County, too extreme for New York, and too extreme for the 21st century.”

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2021 Early Voting Locations

Vote early at any of these locations:

Rhinebeck Town Hall, 80 E Market St, Rhinebeck
Fishkill Town Hall, 807 Route 52, Fishkill
Boardman Road Library, 141 Boardman Road, Poughkeepsie
Cornell Cooperative Center, 2715 US-44, Millbrook
Mid Hudson Library Auditorium, 103 Market St, Poughkeepsie

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