Sarina Teuschler, Candidate for Dutchess County Legislator
My name is Sarina Teuschler, and I am running for the Dutchess County Legislature to represent Hyde Park and Poughkeepsie. I’m running because I’ve spent the last several years disillusioned and disappointed by all sides of national politics; yet I believe our government has the capacity to do amazing things. I want to be the leader who makes a positive impact in our community. As a life-long resident of Hyde Park, I know our area's unique challenges - such as lack of well-paying jobs or affordable housing. I have served Hyde Park and Poughkeepsie as a martial arts teacher as well as co-owner of T&T Karate, director of an anti-domestic violence organization, and employee of the Town of Hyde Park. Using my skill set and leadership experience, I know I can make the changes needed to bring Dutchess forward into a new era of prosperity. ​